Desert sunset dress

I’m going on my fourth year of having this dress, and I went through my archives to find the very first time I wore it. My mother made it for me when we found the fabric, I had told her I just wanted a big dress that resembled a very large tshirt in the way it was cut. But the colors of it made me miss my old Nevada watercolor sunsets.

I brought the dress out on a sunny day while I was still in Southern California

Thrift Eye

Dress: made by my mom. Tights: no name. Shoes: Elizabeth and James from the swapmeet.

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

I had typically always worn this with bare legs, so it was actually nice to wear it with these sparkly tights
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Don’t even ask me how I convinced a guy at our top secret swapmeet in Southern California to sell me these Elizabeth and James shoes for $20, I’m still in shock.

Thrift Eye

The whole time I was taking photos, a very little hairy companion was begging to be let out too – Minnie, my sister’s half yorkie-half chihuahua dog.
Thrift Eye

It makes me so happy to have a few things littered through my wardrobe that have been made just for me by my own mom. She makes her own clothes all the time, she is very wonderful – the reason I know how to sew, crochet, and know how to do other little crafty things. I’m going to try to round up all of the things she’s made me for another post.

  • Eyeliah

    I really like this dress, must be quite the stunner with bare legs too, so short! 😮

    • Eli

      Thank you Hailey 🙂 It’s awesome to see what wonders $1 worth of fabric can make!


    I cannot believe you got those for $20!!! That is the best bargain ever! I am beyond jealous. Your furry friend is very cute. 


    • Eli

      I’m still in shock I got those shoes still. Best $20 ever spent!

  • that dress really does look like a gorgeous sunset, and I think it’s wonderful when you have clothes that were hand made just for you. it makes them so special and unique.

    and your sisters dog is adorable!

    • Eli

      I have several dresses saved that were made by my mom, because even though some go out of style, I dont think I could throw them away.

  • I love homemade clothes especially when the’re as pretty as this dress. I can’t wait to see the rest of the stuff your mom has made for you! 

    BTW, those shoes are amazing and I’m insanely jealous you got them so cheap!!

    • Eli

      I wish I’d paid more attention with making clothes. I’m better at sewing home things and at mending/alterations. I would kill to be able to sew my own clothes like her and many other people!

  • Melissa Ochoa

    cant believe that this is homemade! so cute!! and btw, im in love with your hair color, chocolate brown…
    xoxo, Melissa

  • Allergictovanilla

    umm 20 bucks- that crazy!! Also love the colors on that dress, my mom is a seamstress too, and I love that I also learned little bits and pieces from her knowledge bank in all areas! Aww, now I need to go call her and say hi! 🙂

    xo Carlina

    • Eli

      Oooh do you ever wear anything she’s made?!

  • WendyB

    Beautiful colors — love.

  • Sarah

    This is one beautiful dress! I love the colors.  They do remind me of the desert.

  • ashley/ MILK TEETHS

    I love that your ma made you that awesome shirt dress. I doubly love that you wore it with sparkly  tights. Sunset+ stars 🙂

    • Eli

      This sunset and stars may be the best description of any of my outfits ever! Thanks 🙂

  • Savvy in San Francisco

    LOVE the tights! Glittery goodness!

  • Santina

    I love this dress, Eli, but even more, I love your story behind it. Growing up, my mom made all of my clothes, so I guess this post tugs on my heart a little in that way! You look amazing – love the stripes! Those tights are such glittery goodness, but you always have the best tights!

    • Eli

      Did you keep any of the things she made for you or still wear any of them?

      • Santina

        I don’t have anything with me here, but I know my mom has a few things in storage…like the outfit I wore on my very first day of school! It will be fun to go through some day.

  • james

    your mom did a great job 🙂 i loveee the cut and you look so pretty 🙂 i hope youre well sweetie. and i cant wait to see the renovation photos, too! 

    love, jamie

    • Eli

      Thank you, hope you’re enjoying your break before school starts. I’m already dreading it, we start on the 25th!

  • Jessica Oliver

    Those colors are as gorgeous as a watercolor painting! Your mom did a great job. 🙂

  • Margot

    Love that Dress Eli! It is such gorgeous colors!

  • That dress is beautiful! It’s like watercolor and it still look as pretty as the first time you wore it!

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