Business casual (at the beach)

As if this weeks’ all rain forecast isn’t testament to this…when you get sun here, you take advantage of it! So one of the nice things about the bay area, is that you’re never too far from the water (even if you can’t actually get into it, because it’s too cold).

Last week I took a little road trip after work from Pacifica, Daly City, and back to San Francisco hitting up different ocean vista points, and then finally walking along the sandy beach. If you would have seen me, you would have spotted me wearing the same dress I wore to work, tights, and my heels in my hands like it was what you’re supposed to wear to the beach. This is an office look straight to the beach 🙂 It doesn’t make sense, but it doesn’t need to.

In Pacifica, by Skyline College

Thrift Eye

In Daly City
Daly City

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

Dress: French Connection (thrifted? Buffalo Exchange? can’t remember anymore). Tights: DKNY. Shoes: Fornarina Las Vegas.

At Ocean Beach

With my most favorite shoes ever
Thrift Eye

Ocean Beach San Francisco

I found some driftwood to take home, made my way back out of the sand, put my heels back on and I was on my merry way back into reality.

  • Brandi

    I’ve been meaning to go to Pacific for awhile now, perhaps I’ll go once the weather clears up.  Ocean Beach is my go to spot when I need to get an escape from the busy streets, I simply love it out there

    • Eli

      Have you ever been to the tide pools in Half Moon Bay?! Now that is awesome!

  • It looks beautiful out there! I lived near the beach while I was growing up and I definitely miss it being a short drive away. It sure makes for beautiful photos!

    • Eli

      When I lived in Vegas it was absolute torture to not have the water  nearby!!

  • I love a good impromptu trip to the beach. thanks to DST they are going to start happening more.  and it’s such a nice view.

  • Renée

    lovely dress and I want to drive to the coast again after seeing your photos. xo

    • Eli

      Now I want to drive up the coast past San Francisco! Ive heard even better things about it!

  • Minted Magazine

    Sooo pretty. I love all your photos…

    Minted Magazine

  • Em K

    Those are really cute flats, love the tassels & how the colour matches perfectly with your dress 🙂

    Em K

    • Eli

      These shoes are my go to shoes, even though I may not post them very often. I wear them all the time, they are comfy for work but match everything I have!

  • ashley/ milk teeths

    oh these photos make me want to visit northern california so badly! Hopefully this summer 🙂

    • Eli

      Oh you could drive up the 101/1 from OC and it would be so beautiful! It’s dreamy!

  • How relaxing. And French Connection makes some of the most comfy dresses. Have a great weekend!

    • Eli

      I’m glad french connection has nice pieces that are good for work but others that are more “normal” 🙂 I used to visit the outlet all the time when I lived in Vegas to drool over the clothes

  • jessica

    wow, it looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL. what a great place to be free of your worries!
    ah, i definitely need to visit if i go to san fran again. <3


  • Natalie James

    Beautiful photos, and considering how cold the water is, the outfit makes sense!