Candice Huffine for SModa: all sizes can be sexy

I wanted to share this editorial I saw online the other day from Spanish magazine, S Moda. It features model Candice Huffine and the tagline under the cover says “Only recently has the fashion industry open its eyes that we are beautiful, sexy, and good models. Now the people need to see more.” I think Candice is stepping into the shoes that Crystal Renn left behind. She is mighty sexy!

(pictures via Fashion Gone Rogue)

I’ve had on my mind the whole concept of women of different sizes – curvy is beautiful. I wish it wasn’t always so black and white in magazines. Why does there exist a world that is either “model” sized or another world that is “plus” size? Will we see in our lifetimes the two worlds combine?

  • Kelly Ly

    Eli I love this post! Very inspiring to just love your body and who you are!

    Are you done with schoool!? Let’s chill this summer!


  • oranges_and_apples

    wow, love these!

  • Hannah Metz

    She’s absolutely stunning!

    I look forward to the day that we’ll see more diversity both in body type & ethnicity within the modeling world and do away with these curious “plus sized” labels. 

    Have you seen this ( article in Canadian Elle declaring that women are more likely to purchase something if it’s advertised on someone that looks like them? 


    • Eli

      THANK YOU for linking that article! Why don’t retailers think about this more? It’s so funny how it could point out that consumers would be more willing to buy if they could connect with the models more!

  • Jackie Jardine

    I love her! Thanks for sharing this. I And I’m with Hannah on ditching the plus size label. “Plus size” in the modeling world can start as low as a size 8. Can you believe that!? It’s utterly ridiculous.

    <3 Jackie from  Let's Go Thrifting!

    • Eli

      I know, it should just be called modeling no matter what size.

  • What a beaut!