Stripes and dots

I have a problem. When ever I wear something dotty (or something black and white), I immediately run to put this sweater on . And now, what perfect thing to wear it with! A dotty dress my mom made for me recently after I showed her a dotty dress at Jcrew.

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Sweater: Forever 21, borrowed from sister, never returned. Dress: custom made by my mom. Leggings: Uniqlo. Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent wedges from Buffalo Exchange Las Vegas, Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs heart watch from Fossil Outlet Las Vegas. Belt: Vintage from another dress.

Not sure why I added the purple belt. In fact, I had a belt with polka dots to match the dress, but the purple belt just felt better for some reason.

You can also see that I cut my bangs again (myself, with my own scissors). After two weeks, they already had grown over my eyebrows. Is there some sort of magic that makes bangs grow faster than the rest of your head?!

Ps. can you spy Dot  the kitty in the photos? 🙂

  • Kelly Ly

    Eli I love mixing dots with stripes!! And I do like the purple belt with it…adds some color! I also must be blind because is there really a cat in the pictures? I went back and looked but I can’t see DOT! 

    • Eli

      The fifth picture! Take a look at my lap 🙂

  • Shermika & Tamika

    Eli: I am wearing polka dots today so we’re twins right?! I didn’t know there was a uniqlo in the states (or is there)? I went there once and got a top of two while in Japan. I would have never thought a Fossil outlet would have a Marc Jacobs watch…gotta do better when I’m at those outlets 😉 I love the look and the scenery. You pull the stripes and polka dots off WELL girl. ~SD

    • Eli

      There are like 3 stores in NYC, I got some things there when I visited for the first time last October. 

      And yes, the Fossil outlet in Vegas (where I used to live) has lots of different watches than just Fossil. It’s pretty awesome because you couldn’t beat the prices.

  • Santina

    Black and white, and striped and spotted? I love this outfit, Eli! And, I love how often you wear things that your mom made for you. It’s adorbs. 😉

  • Rebecca

    You are pretty good at cutting your own bangs.  Mine always end up crooked when I try cutting them.

    • Eli

      I’ve been cutting my own bangs for a few years now, so I have some practice. But I have messed them up before, I’m not going to lie. It helps that I got myself some real hair cutting scissors.

  • kate à la mode

    Such a fantastic outfit! And I think the purple belt was a good call – adds a nice bit of color. 🙂

    • Eli

      Thanks Kate 🙂

  • Holy shit those wedges are amazing!

    • Eli

      I can’t believe I got these wedges at Buffalo Exchange either though – you’d be proud of me, I have my Nike insoles on the inside so I can wear them for a long time 🙂

  • Cammila

    I am digging this outfit so hard. There’s the old-fashioned vibe, with the dots and your awesome hair, crossed with the chic, modern vibe with the shoes and the sweet purple belt. So, so kickass.

    • Eli

      I’m turning into Bettie Page :0


    Eli <3 hello sweetie! hope you had a great week 🙂 i lovee your new bangs! and the dress your mom made is really cute, too! I hope that you're well! I'll be emailing you soon. been busy as always 🙂 love you<3

    xx james

  • Eli, the dotty dress really look cool on you and you look adorable in it. The sweater really matches up to the theme of the dress. Not to mention the awesome photographs 🙂

  • Marie_McGrath

    I can see why you always want to pear this sweater with polka dot pieces, the pattern mix is fantastic! You look gorgeous! Also loving the surprise appearance of your cat, so adorable 🙂

  • Joanna

    Whoa, your hair looks awesome! very Bettie Page. I had bangs in high school with long, black hair. But they always had a gap in the middle. Looked kind of like buckteeth on my forehead.

    Also, your mom is some kind of saint if she can make you clothes. I think of all the superpowers in the world, the ability to make whatever I see in stores myself would rate higher than flying. 

  • I love black and white pattern mixing, stripes and dots could not be more perfect together.

  • love your look totally fab

  • Sara San

    omg I love your shoes!!

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