What to wear to weddings

Wedding season is here in full effect, and shortly I will be going to two weddings one week apart (and possibly another in August). I’m feeling a bit confused about what to wear to these weddings because one is in the Bay Area where it will most likely be gloomy and/or chilly and the other is an evening wedding in Southern California where it will probably be very warm. Not only that, I’m starting to feel that my dresses just aren’t dressy enough anymore. I used to “dress up” more when I lived in Las Vegas, now I dress up casually and really have nothing to dress up fancy for anymore. I’m not sure how to explain it.

But it also may have something to do with not having gone to a wedding in a very long time. I have one dress that I really want to wear because I like it, but it’s white, and I don’t want to be the pooper that wears the white dress to a wedding. I have been looking for dresses to buy but nothing really stands out, so I think I’ll stick to what I already have. And I’ve narrowed it down to these choices  of dresses and shoes, but willing to mix up the shoes. Maybe you guys can help me decide what to wear, I wouldn’t be opposed to wear the same dress to two weddings either since the two weddings do not overlap guests.

A strapless Ali Ro dress from Jeremy’s San Francisco and Fornarina snake heels from when I worked at Fornarina. I’ve worn the dress before here, but only with a top under because I was cold. I like the idea of mixing up the patterns.
Thrift Eye

An Anna Sui dress thrifted by my mom and Fornarina booties from the Fornarina store on Melrose. I wore this dress a few years ago here on my birthday. I really love this dress but it feels a little too covered up?
Thrift Eye

Dries van Noten heels from Nordstrom Rack and I’ve worn this Richard Chai for Target dress several times, my favorite of which was here. But is wearing Target to a wedding dress way too casual or am I just crazy?
Thrift Eye

Leifsdottir dress from Jeremy’s San Francisco and Yves Saint Laurent heels from Rose Bowl Flea Market. I haven’t worn this dress at all yet and I really want to, but the straps are very awkwardly placed, I want to move them a little bit over before I wear it.
Thrift Eye

And I’m starting to see how everything is black or purple! I still have some time and may go look for another dress if the price is right. Then I’ll need to pick my accessories, shouldn’t this have gotten easier as I get older? And Diana, my sister 🙂 if you see this, tell me what you think!

  • Jenny

    I really like the Target dress, always have! I think you should wear it to at least one of the weddings. It’s pretty but not over the top for a wedding.

    • Eli

      I know, it’s silly to not want to wear something just because it’s Target, I have lots of things from Target and it hasn’t stopped me before. Not only that, what about my thrifted stuff? I may just wear this dress to the SoCal wedding

  • Eat.Style.Play

    I love the  Ann Sui and Ali Ro Dress ! I’m looking for dresses for September having no luck!

    • Eli

      I like them all! It’s so frustrating! But I think I’ll most likely wear the Anna Sui dress to the chillier wedding cause it’s the first one and maybe give myself another week to maybe find another dress for the other wedding?

  • Vicci

    Hi! I vote for the Anna Sui, it looks amazing on!

    • Eli

      Thank you 🙂 I may wear it to the chilly wedding but with another pair of shoes and some tights?

  • i think the purple its great for the event

    • Eli

      I like the purple too, I think wearing color to a wedding would be more fun

  • kate à la mode

    Love the Anna Sui dress – perfect for a Bay Area wedding. I actually think it would look awesome with those green heels  (they’re fabulous!) or another brightly colored pair of heels.

    Is the evening wedding in SoCal formal or cocktail attire? If it’s not super formal, the Ali Ro dress would be great!

    • Eli

      I definitely think I’m gonna wear the Anna sui dress for the first wedding (in Watsonville) but yes, probably with another pair of shoes. The other wedding is probably not super formal, but I will be going to church too. It’s a close tie between the two purple dresses!

  • Morganvsmorgan

    My favourites are the first dress, & the target dress -especially with those heels. I love the vibrant purple of the skirt contrasted with the green & pattern of the shoes. 

    • Eli

      The purple dresses are my favorite too! 🙂

  • Shermika & Tamika

    I love the dress you thrifted from your mom and don’t think it’s too covered up. The Target dress is cute too. Who cares where it came from as long as it doesn’t look cheap (and it doesn’t). I need to get more bold with my looks like you….I like the mixing of prints with the first dress and shoes. I can’t wait to see what you end up wearing Eli!

    • Eli

      I like how you’ve put it, as long as it doesn’t look cheap! Thank you for giving me words to express how I felt about it. I like the dresses with color better too, I don’t know why I’d want to play it safe with the other dresses. 

  • Anna Hart

    Love these ideas, but don’t think I could ever wear black to a wedding here in the UK – thats meant for funerals!!! xxx

    South Molton St Style

  • Eyeliah

    Great looks, you are prepared!  I only have one or two dresses that could work, luckily my friends aren’t getting married *yet*

    • Eli

      I have an awful dress obsession. It’s my real weakness, even though I don’t get to wear them as much as I used to. Plus I’ve been finding them for great prices at this Jeremy’s place in SF. They have these crazy sales where all sale merchandise goes for 80-90% off. So I got both of those dresses for about $8 each!

  • InnyVinny

    3rd one would be perfect for the one here – especially since June gloom is in FULL effect.  And Target at a wedding is perfectly acceptable if you look great.  And that dress is great on you.  =D

    • Eli

      It’s the blog favorite so far, most likely gonna wear the Target dress. Now I gotta hope it still fits!

  • Christine D

    I love the variety of dresses that you can pick from…The black and white dress that your mom got is amahhhzing! However, I do LOVE the last black one with the funky straps…just because I love that kind of stuff..

    • Eli

      I like the black and white one too, but I think my boobs are too big for how the straps are placed. I may have to move them over to the sides first, but not sure if I would ruin the dress if I did. I know I have variety but I can’t make a freaking decision to save my life!

  • Santina

    I love that Anna Suit dress, Eli! It definitely gets my vote for at least one of the weddings. I think it would be amazing with the Dries or YSL heels! And red lips… 😉

    • Eli

      Thanks Santina, I should wear that dress way more often 🙂 and yes, there will be red lips!

  • for a wedding, i think the last dress is my favorite! it makes me think of a layer cake (in a good way).
    the ali ro might be my second choice, but i’d have to see it wtihout the turtle neck.

    • Eli

      I love the ruffly dress too! I just havent worn it before, so maybe this is the best opportunity to?

  • I vote for look #2!

    • Eli

      Probably wearing that to the wedding in Watsonville so I don’t freeze my ass off. Then probably gonna wear the Target dress to the other wedding 🙂

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