Some of my favorite Latina/Hispanic bloggers

If there is one thing I’ve always wanted people to understand, is that things may not always seem as they appear and that people of different heritages don’t come in only one color. When I tell people my parents are from Mexico, the first thing they usually as me is “Say something in Spanish.” Mexico is a rainbow of colors from the darkest to the lightest, and really, couldn’t you say that about almost all countries? I am fluent in Spanish – I cannot even tell you how many uncomfortable situations I have been in overhearing conversations in Spanish trash talking me because they think I’m white, or vice versa, hearing conversations in English trash talking Mexican’s because they don’t think I am one.

And just as diverse as the people of Latin American countries can be, I’ve found it so fascinating to see style develop through different bloggers. There are bloggers that live abroad in their home countries or in foreign (to them) countries, or those like me who live in America but come from a Hispanic heritage. All these elements give different perspectives in fashion and blogging. It’s especially important now that fashion blogs are becoming more diverse than magazines, that we present and be proud of our heritages. I think that’s a large part of the fashion appeal too.

I’ve rounded up a list of my favorite bloggers that I find inspiring in fashion, style, taste, among other things and are of Hispanic heritage.

Ariana – La Catrina Style – Great style with a bohemian flare and an obsession with color and platform shoes.
La Catrina de la Moda,  great and inspiring latina and hispanic fashion and style bloggers

Andy – Style Scrapbook A big blogger that most likely you have heard of, her story is pretty amazing and she has created a very impressive empire online and now with television internationally.
Style Scrapbook,  great and inspiring latina and hispanic fashion and style bloggers

Karla – Karla’s Closet Another big blogger with amazing style. Lots of vintage dresses. Sky high heels. Plus an enviable jewelry collection.
Karla's Closet,  great and inspiring latina and hispanic fashion and style bloggers

Diana – Our City Lights Photography lover extraordinaire, every post she publishes is from the heart.
Our City Lights,  great and inspiring latina and hispanic fashion and style bloggers

Julie – Sincerely Jules Another blogger you’ve probably already heard about, quintessential southern California style.
Sincerely Jules,  great and inspiring latina and hispanic fashion and style bloggers

Delmy – Fashion Bananas This curvy New Yorker is not afraid to wear color and has an amazing shoe collection.
Fashion Bananas,  great and inspiring latina and hispanic fashion and style bloggers

Maria – Kitties + Couture Petite fashionista from the Bay Area I have had the pleasure of knowing, she is amazingly nice!
Kitties and Couture,  great and inspiring latina and hispanic fashion and style bloggers

Gala – Am Lul This Spanish style start is now based out of London but seems to jet set all over the world, plus she has been there since the beginning of style blogs.
Am Lul,  great and inspiring latina and hispanic fashion and style bloggers

Freesia A blogger from Mexico with an eye for color and mixes in her own great illustrations.
Freesia,  great and inspiring latina and hispanic fashion and style bloggers

Marie – Joy of Fashion When you see Marie’s blog, you see the happiness radiating from her. I guess that’s why she put Joy in her blog title.
Joy of Fashion,  great and inspiring latina and hispanic fashion and style bloggers

Various others:

Tina – City Girl Rides

Jes – Ryzenberg On

Sandra – Debutante Clothing

El Diario de la Moda

I’ve also enjoyed this trend hunting in Mexico website, Cool Hunter.

While it’s impossible for me to list all and every single of the blogs that fall under this category, believe me, there are tons more (you can just look here).

Are you a person of color (or not) and how do you feel about the diversity or maybe lack of diversity in blogging?

Style can transcend color, and my RSS feed is very colorful.

  • Diana

    Omg. i was not expecting to see a mention of myself as i scrolled this in email. Thank you for including me! 
    Also, I’ll be honest, I had no idea some of these bloggers were of ethnic descent. Awesome! Great post. 

    • Eli

      You’re welcome. I think I wanted to do it to show that you don’t necessarily have to think of bloggers in that way because of how diverse the “categories” can be 🙂

  • Catie Nienaber

    I love this post, Eli, and have one more to ad: Solanah of Vixen Vintage. She’s one of the more well-known vintage bloggers and has quite a following among the hardcore vintage folk. Her outfits are awesome and the photography is usually a cut above.

    • Eli

      what rock have I been hiding under that I hadn’t heard of her blog?! Vintage heaven!

  • christine

    I love love love love love this post!!! 
    I see it happen all the time..the stereotyping, the assuming….it’s all so disappointing.  
    It’s so important to be open minded in the society that we live in…unfortunately some people think it’s optional.  I’m glad that there’s diversity in blogging.  As for me, it comforts me that there’s a lot of Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders who blog…even though that’s not the only thing that keeps me doing this…there’s always a need for being in a group or being among those who may have the same culture…However, living where I live  I’ve learned that it’s important to be comfortable that I will be a minority (culturally speaking) in a lot of situations, and I’m ok with that because I’m the type of person who like learning about others and always see similarities/and some differences with others….it’s all good!!! 

    • Eli

      This is such a great reply! There’s definitely a diversity in blogging, I now wish there would be a diversity in shapes and sizes

  • Santina

    Great post, Eli! I’ve witnessed people’s surprise when you reveal your heritage, and I have to admit that I likely would have been surprised, too, before I lived in Mexico. My year there really taught me that it is, much how you describe, a rainbow. At first, I was shocked at how often people assumed I was Mexican when I was working, but then I realized that I looked like so many of my Mexican friends! Oh, how I love Mexico! All this talk makes me miss it even more… 

    I’ll definitely check out these blogs!

    • Eli

      That’s why when people who are fair skinned are going to Mexico, I usually tell them to not worry because there will be people there that look like them! (well, in most areas). 

  • Maria

    Eli, thank you so much for including me in this post! So honored.

    I can’t tell you how many times I get the strangest looks from people after I tell them that I’m a full-bred Colombian girl. Yes, I have fair skin, but come on people! Or when they tell me to speak “Colombian.” Grr. 😉

    Going to check out the rest of the blogs on this list! xoxo

    • Eli

      This is probably the epitome of annoying I bet, some people are so ignorant!! 


    what a really cool post =) i see there are some new bloggers that i need to get to know =) hope that youre well sweet stuff! and yes.. you really do need to come thrifting with me here, babe! kathleen and anisa did recently and they bought so much cool stuff for so little! let me know if that is possible for you and i’ll take you on a thrift trip of a life time, haha 😉 miss you girly <3 james

    • Eli

      I’m in LA right now but coming back next weekend, and then I’ll be in SF almost all of august still on vacation. I may take you up on that thrifting offer!!

  • kristian satterlee

    I’ve definitely noticed that there is not as much diversity in style blogging as I would have expected, so its great to see this list.

    • Eli

      Blogging may not be super diverse, but it’s more diverse than magazines!!

  • Citygirlrides

    thank you for the mention querida! so honored to to be part of such a great group of women. viva la mujer! now let’s get that cafe!

    • Eli

      Viva la mujer 🙂 I”m in LA and will be coming back by the weekend, I’ll hit you up!

  • Cammila Albertson

    What a kickass post! I hate to say it, but there are so many fashion bloggers out there these days, it can be hard to keep your eye on what’s new and inspirational. You’re totally doing the work for me.

    Dang, Cali Vintage in particular already has me smitten!

    • Eli

      Erin from Cali Vintage has great style!

  • Eli

    People tend to miss it unless they meet me in person, I have to remind people on my blog every few months!

  • Marie McGrath

    I am SO honored to be featured on this list amongst some of my favorite bloggers! I am sooo flattered by your kind words, thank you so very much! I can definitely identify with what you are saying. Panama is well known as “Crisol de Razas” because there are people living here from all over the world all mixed together. Nevertheless, one of the first questions people ask me when they meet me is from where I am from in the U.S. Since I am so pale, people assume that I am American and they don’t believe me when I say that I am Panamanian. It is actually kind of annoying to be honest. But I really enjoyed this list you put together of people with hispanic background! Some I already followed, and others I am happy to be following now 🙂 Thanks again!