Summer lovin

Loving the summer heat (but not “lovin” how grainy and faded these photos came out, sorry). I haven’t had a chance to wear this dress in ages, because honestly, I don’t ever get a chance to wear anything like this in San Francisco. Being in Southern California and in melt your face off weather, this was the perfect opportunity.

Summer essentials- fresh out of the shower throw your hair in a bun, strappy dress, sandals, minimal makeup (only wearing lipstick, blush, and a little mascara) is all you need for an afternoon of trying to beat the heat and reading books under the shade of a big tree. I didn’t even bother with jewelry, besides the studs I wear in my ears every day.

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

Fitting in the little poochie dog in the photos is always nice.

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

Dress: American Apparel Le Sac dress gift from boyfriend. Heels: Dries van Noten from Nordstrom Rack.

I’ll be back in San Francisco in a few days and I’m not sure how I’m going to deal with the fog again! I do wish this dress was a bit longer now, I didn’t bat an eyelash about it when I lived in and wore this in Vegas. But that seems like a lifetime ago (I also would wear leggings as pants, yikes). I’m thinking about adding a few more inches in a contrasting fabric, maybe in fabric type or color, to give it a little chance.

  • This breezy little black dress looks like the perfect outfit to wear to beat the heat 🙂 Aww, jealous that you’re in Southern California right now- I would love to be there too!

    • Eli

      It’s so funny because when I’m in SF, I’m dying to be in LA. And when I’m actually here, I’m dying to get back up to the Bay!!

  • sartorialsidelines

    I really like the dress — and adding a few inches in a contrast fabric sounds like a good idea (although, for the record, I don’t think it looks too short but I know what you mean about things one used to wear all the time now seeming too short/tight/just not a good idea anymore).

    Courtney ~

    • Eli

      Yeah, American Apparel is a place I really wouldn’t shop for myself anymore because of this 🙂

  • InnyVinny

    If you think this is bad, wait until August/September comes.  FACEMELTASTIC.

    I  love this dress.  The look overall, actually.  Easy breezy.

    • Eli

      I’m talking like I didn’t live in Las Vegas for five years! Funny how one year of cold ass San Francisco makes me think I’m a Popsicle. 


    hi sweetness! ahh, no one can pull off bangs like you, dear! i’m already starting to regret cutting mine, haha. and i love not wearing jewelry most of the time =) you look very darling <3 hope you are well!

    xx james

    • Eli

      Having bangs is the worst vicious cycle! You cut them, love them, hate them, grow them out, get annoyed and cut them again!!

  • love your hair and little furry friend!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    I am having a fabulous giveaway right here. 

  • Santina

    Nothing beats  a simple black dress and a fabulous pair of shoes! You look beautiful despite the heat, Eli. And, I never wear jewelry when it’s really hot – with you on that! 

    I think you could transition this dress for SF with a cropped jacket and tights, but you’d for sure spend the entire time holding your dress down…oh, the ever present wind! 

  • kate à la mode

    You look great, and those shoes are so fabulous! It’s always fun to get out of the city in the summer & wear true summery clothes. Maybe you’ll bring back some LA sun with you! (Here’s hoping!)

  • Vogue-sky

    I adore you…really!!! Your style is

  • Smgrano

    Outfit photos with dogs are the best. 

  • That is a cute dress, and i love those shoes, and your bun!

    And hey, thrift eye got a face lift – looks fab!

  • Marie_McGrath

    This looks like a perfect outfit for a hot muggy day in San Francisco! I love how you kept it simple with minimal accessories, you look gorgeous.

  • Debra Turner

    I love summer dressing also, as well as a thrifty eye!  I recently featured a summer dress I like to wear called a Rock Fish dress:

    I love your style, for sure, too.

  • Fore Trend

    What a precious dress! 

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