A life in print

I’ve been in full school mode, and trying to focus on my portfolio. These past few weeks have been some of the most frustrating and rewarding in my life. Working towards a goal feels really good, but approaching that light at the end of the tunnel sure is a scary thing.

Some days I’ve been keeping my outfits simple, especially since we are going back and forth from sunny and foggy days. I felt the most comfortable reverting back to my my favorite tomboy look again.

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

Top: Vintage denim from Rose Bowl Flea. Pants: Zara. Boots: Sam Edelman.

I got the chance to flip through some old family photos, and realized that I’d have very few pictures to share in the same way. I’m the kind of person who loves seeing old family Polaroid pictures, I want to be able to share my pictures with my future children and their children. So I jumped the gun on getting those Prinstagram photos I’ve been wanting for a while. It’s not necessarily cheap, my 2×2 pictures were $12 for 48 pictures. But I bought two sets, waited patiently for them to come, took a pen to their backs and wrote the year and context of the photos. I leave them on my desk every day and they make me so much happier than browsing them on my Instagram feed. I can’t wait to print more in the future- their website has larger prints that look awesome, but also some other interesting products that would be very cool at home like the poster, book, and stickers!

Playing with a double exposure

The famous Piedmont legs on Haight street

A serene pond view at the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park

My prints laying together, waiting for someone to hear their stories.

Tempted to go dig out my film camera and play with it again.

  • Jenny

    Um I wear outfits like this all the time!! But not recently because its too hot where I live πŸ™

    • Eli

      Oh, I wish I didn’t have to admit that I’m slightly jealous of how hot it is everywhere else. So cold in San Francisco πŸ™

  • B.A.

    Holy cow those Instagram pictures printed are awesome! I love looking at old family polaroids too πŸ™‚

    • Eli

      Thank you, I cant wait to print more one day. I’m almost tempted to start a second account with more personal pictures

  • Alys

    Wow the double exposure shot looks great!

    • Eli

      Thanks, it was made with an iphone app called Duomatic

  • kristian satterlee

    Oh how fun with the instagrams! The Boy and I got some prints recently (nothing so fancy as yours; just cheap Walmart ones cut to size…they are moooostly cut straight.) and put them on the wall in a grid. They make me smile every times I walk by it.Β 

    Funny that it seems like we take more photos than ever but everyone seems to forget to get prints (self included). It will be so nice to have something tactile to show the kids instead of just a screen.Β 

    PS The tomboy look is cute

    PPS Good luck with school. You’ll be great!

    • Eli

      The price per picture came out to 25 cents, which is not too bad! But you’re limited to Instagram pictures of course. It really is awesome to have something to show anyone one day! We are all probably guilty of not printing anything.

  • GlamKitten88

    I really like your boots! Β They are versatile.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88Β 

  • i love your boots. and those little pics are just too cute! πŸ™‚


  • Erika Cisneros

    love your boots and the pics

  • ohhhh i love that you got prints! (something i’ve been saying i’m going to do for a long time)
    they look so good, and anything that makes you smile each day is totally worth it.

  • Your printstagrams are so cool! One of my friends gave me a magnet of an Instagram picture that we took together and I love it- it’s so cute πŸ™‚