My little guilty pleasures in life are the works of Edward Gorey, I was extremely delighted to have found this book in a bookstore the other day while on a walk back home. I don’t typically buy books because I get almost all of them I need at the library (that’s the awesome part about becoming a librarian), but I make exceptions for really special ones like this gem.

Thrift Eye

Amphigorey, a collection of 15 different Gorey books. Give me a rainy day, better yet, thunder and lightning and I’m ready to curl up with this book.

I love this penguin print dress, but I find the hem too tight and short as it is, so I think I may cut this into a top soon.

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

Dress: Audrey 3 plus 1 dress, gift from Crossroads Trading Co. Leggings: vintage spandex, thrifted. Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens thrifted.

Edward Gorey

Just thinking about the book makes me so excited because I know Halloween is just around the corner!