A literary take on fashion part 11

If you’re new to this books into fashion series, you can catch up with the others HERE.

In this next installment of books into fashion series, I present The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick. This was one of the first books I read and made me realize I had to be a librarian. I could see in this book, my passion for literature rise again but also wanting others to read it. If it was on the shelf for checkout, it would always be the first book I would suggest to a child for reading. Young Hugo is left orphan after his father dies in a fire and his alcoholic uncle disappears, leaving him tending the clocks in the train station alone. He steals bits and pieces of things to fix a secret machine he has – that is until he gets caught. Brave Hugo is brought into a world of imagination and magicians. The story is absolutely wonderful, something that I think Scorsese was sort of able to capture in the Hugo film, but not quite. The book seriously is sooooo much better! The book is very thick (Harry Potter thick, I would tell people) but half the story is told in illustrations that are just as beautiful as the story. Get yourself this book now!

This second book I think many of you may know, it is one of the most translated and sold books world wide. I read the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho about once every year or two because the story is just that captivating. Young Santiago is a Spanish shepherd with aspirations and strange dreams, when two different people encourage him to travel to the Egyptian Pyramids to find a treasure, he sells his sheep and gets on his way. He’s not really sure what he will encounter on his way there – but there are moments of fear, love, anxiety, patience, confusion, fun. He makes acquaintance of an Alchemist (person with the power to create gold) that helps him figure some things out. But the bright spot is meeting Fatima for a brief moment, that leaves a long impression in the story. The Alchemist about finding your heart and following your dreams, and as super cheesy as that sounds, the book is not like that.

And because of the Invention of Hugo Cabret, my eyes were opened to the amazing world of automaton!