Orla Kiely on a budget

In my dreams, I’d have a wardrobe full of Orla Kiely and Marc Jacobs. I’m still kicking myself for never getting things the Orla Kiely and Target collaboration years ago. I didn’t even know who the designer was back then (here’s a refresher of the collection in case you are interested). So now that Uniqlo has  finally opened a store on the West coast in San Francisco, I have an opportunity to get some more Orla Kiely in my life. As soon as I knew the store was opening and that they would be carrying a small collection of Orla Kiely things, I went to check it out. Surprisingly, the prices were fairly reasonable (I mean, things at Forever 21 are usually more expensive than what I paid for the dress).

I got this fun dress and the leaf print scarf both for under $40! Then I saw that Orla Kiely and Target were then partnering again for Method soaps this time. So I brought a bottle into my bathroom to cheer the place up. As for my wants…I’m kind of obsessed with the leaf print, but I didn’t see this top at Uniqlo. I’m hoping it shows up at some point soon. And cause a girl can dream, this purse and scarf from the Orla Kiely main brand wouldn’t be too shabby either.

Trying to focus on school but I have fashion on the brain! Hoping to get an outfit post with my Orla Kiely Uniqlo dress next!