Joining the #tabletcrew with Intel tablets

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Two weeks ago I got a little surprise package in the mail. This post on Facebook explains it a little further, but I partnered up with Intel to start using/test/promote the new Acer Iconia W510 Windows 8 running tablet! I’ll be posting on my social media channels (oh you know, here, here, and here) and on this blog how it’s working out for me. Look for my posts tagged #tabletcrew

I am a PC girl, but I had never used Windows 8. No one else I know had either! I was a little worried that it would feel completely alien to me, but I’m pleasantly surprised that it’s super easy to navigate. It’s like a PC and smarthphone had a baby! You can access multiple apps for anything (and since the platform is still sort of new, I see tons of new apps constantly coming out) or if you need to, you can still access the desktop.

I was borrowing an iPad from work for a small time, it worked nice but it has very little customization and the apps are quite limited (most are for the iPhone). So I’m enjoying how versatile the tablet is in making it look like a real computer and the ease of being on the go without the bulk.

So while most people I know will be gearing up for the Superbowl in a few days (since you know, the city where I live in has a team playing in it!) – I’ll instead be gearing up for Fashion Week and the Oscar’s later this month. I don’t post much about fashion week on here, but I keep my eye on it for trends. So I’m making sure to bookmark my favorite fashion week links like, New York Times Fashion & Style, and Jak & Jil. But I’m also hoping that the Vogue and E! Red Carpet apps keep me just as updated.

I was compensated by being given the tablet but not to write this or any posts, so when I say the views will be my own, I mean it – because we all know even computers aren’t perfect. The tablet has already frozen on me once (but to be doubly honest, so did the iPad when I was using it). If you have any questions or comments, just let me know. Have you had the chance to try Windows 8 yet?

PS. I’m pretty excited to look for a sleeve/case now, to be continued.

PPS. I just started using the Vine app (I think many of you have seen it by now, but think Instagram for videos), and I made this little video of my tablet (note: there is sound).

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  • That’s exciting! I’ve been a mac girl for the last six years, but I’ll be curious to read more about your experience with this tablet, especially since you’ve used an iPad and can compare the two.

    • Eli

      I can tell you right off the bat a few things I like about it already – I can play Spotify for free – you can’t on the iphone or ipad without paying for the service. But since the tablet is like a computer, Spotify will still work for free.

      Also, I can see things that require Flash! Unlike any of the apple devices 🙁

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