A literary take on fashion part 16

If you’re new to this books into fashion series, you can catch up with the others HERE.

Let’s call this my Karl Lagerfeld connection fashion edition. Both of these books are ones I showed on this blog many years before (this time I’ll link you to my original posts instead of which library to find them.

Different Like Coco is a children’s book – it chronicles her humble and strange beginnings. It shows her ambitions to break into the fashion world, with beginnings in millinery, to become the fashion icon she is known as now. It is a sweet book for young readers or for fashion history fiends. The illustrations are sweet, but classic.

The second book is Lagerfeld’s Sketchbook by (and of) Anna Piaggi – a very old book I found at one of the library where I used to work. The book is a collection of the ever dwindling art of fashion illustration, completely devoted to the fashion sense of  writer and friend Anna Piaggi. Her style was colorful, flamboyant, and always fun. May she rest in peace. The illustrations themselves are absolutely beautiful and unique.

A post dedicated to two extremely fashionable ladies from different generations with completely opposite style, but tied together through one person.