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When I began my blog, I was all about that thrifting life – I still am, but my style has inevitably changed as I have gotten older and “wiser” with my money. Thus, the thrifty life doesn’t have to exclusively exist within a thrift store. I have always been very proud of myself for being able to thrift practically brand new things over and over (in fact, I’ll be posting soon about my favorite place to thrift shop in San Francisco).

My fashion mantra has been for a very long time, mixing high and low fashion. This outfit in particular turned out to be high fashion on a low budget. I don’t typically like to wear a whole outfit of what you could call big brand names, at the same time. Because I like the unexpected elements that add spice to your wardrobe – and I feel like that’s what vintage and off brand pieces will bring to any outfit. It just so happened that I liked how everything worked together this time.

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

Top: Equipment, thrifted. Skirt: Reed Krakoff, from my most favorite super discount department store in SF, Jeremy’s. Wedges: Elizabeth and James, Nordstrom Rack (similar style). Rings: Target and vintage. Necklace: no tag 🙁 but from Nordstrom Rack.

This skirt has a weird almost garbage bag look to it that I really like. But that makes it nearly impossible to wear. At first I thought wearing something simple would balance it out, but this fun print blouse and sort of matching spotty tights compliment it better than I expected!

I admit it’s not an every day outfit for me, but it’s nice to have fun once in a while 🙂

  • you may be the first person to ever state looking like a garbage bag as a pro, but I think I get it.
    I try not to get too hung up on labels when I dress and especially when I thrift shop. Sometimes I’m not sure if I love the piece, or the name inside it more.

    • Eli

      I don’t know what it is! I guess it’s more of a plastic bag look, not that it makes it any better 🙂 It’s just so unique to anything I own in my closet!!

  • Santina

    Eli, I love this look on you! And that skirt? I DIE! Jeremy’s is so awesome – thanks for introducing it to me! 

  • christine

    That outfit is amazing and it’s more amazing that you didn’t have to spend a million dollars!!  I am a big fan of looking great in a small budget.  

  • Ali Cat

    I love this. It would totally be an every day outfit for me. Way to rock that skirt! I know a lot of people try to have label blindness when they thrift but I almost always try to look for good labels. For me it’s often the quickest way to find clothes that are cut beautifully and made from good materials. I don’t eliminate other things when I am drawn to them (by their color/pattern) but I’m also sick of looking at every last piece of F21 and Old Navy on the rack at Goodwill. I’ve reached the point where my time is worth more than that.

    • Eli

      That’s a great strategy I try to tell people about when thrifting – I look at fabrics instead. If it looks good quality, it probably is, no matter what brand!!

  • love that blouse Xo Megan,

  • This is such a  great outfit and I want that blouse! I haven’t been thrifting in ages, but I find that thrift stores are rather expensive here in NYC and prefer to do it when I’m out of town.

    • Eli

      Even I’m surprised I’d find an Equipment blouse thrifting – San Francisco thrifting is pretty expensive too. Good thing the suburbs have lots of stores!

      • I think I need to do more looking here in NYC- you can find good stuff at decent prices, it just takes some looking!

  • Esther

    I love leopard prints too! 🙂 

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