A mobile life – living the tablet life

Ever since I began writing and sharing my experiences online about living with a tablet, the number one question I tend to get from people is if getting a tablet will replace their needs to ever need to open a laptop or turn on the desktop again? The answer is, well, yes and no.

Have I stopped using my laptop completely? No. Have I stopped using it for certain things? Yes. I’ll give a rundown and comparison.

When the tablet works best –

Browsing the internet – casual internet browsing for me personally can be annoying with the laptop. There’s only so many safe surfaces you can put it on for optimal viewing (and before the battery runs out!) So having the tablet to sit and be anywhere is really awesome. Then I don’t have to worry about plugging back in after an hour or two.

Reading books – Over on my Tumblr, I recently gave a breakdown of how my favorite book app, Overdrive works on the Acer tablet versus the iPad. The app is essentially the same thing on both devices, and you can actually run Overdrive on your regular computer too. But why would you? Reading books on a mobile device is AWESOME! And with Overdrive, FREE! Can’t get much better than that.

Social media – maybe it’s because we’re inundated with social media outlets now – but I like to access mine quickly and briefly. Of which is best done either on a smartphone or tablet. I tap around quickly to what I want to see and then move on. I hate having to boot up just to look at my Twitter or such.

Sharing – when was the last time you saw something online and had to yell at someone “COME HERE” and they didn’t and you kept telling them until it wasn’t funny or interesting anymore (maybe this just happens to me all the time?!) But now I can bring whatever I need to share to them! No more coercing people to drop what they’re doing to see what you want to share. This is a huge thing for me.

Discovering new music – there are SO many music apps out there now for free, you may never have to download music again.

When the traditional computer works best –

Photo editing – I can easily do the blog typing on a tablet or on my laptop, but I can’t launch Photoshop on the tablet to do all the necessary photo editing things on it. And that’s a big thing for me. So for right now, all photo editing is always done on a laptop for me. Which leads me to…

…Saving pictures – when I take blog pictures, I shoot in RAW mode. I have to upload these pictures somewhere so I can edit them later. So again, I have to save them on my laptop. Plus, many tablets want you to take advantage of a cloud based hard drive and don’t give you much space anyway. I’d probably fill up the hard drive after two months worth of pictures!

Updating devices  – I have a Jambox that’s waiting to get a software update, and my iPhone has update’s here and there too. As far as I know, I have to do that with the laptop which has the power and outlets to do that right now. I also have a lot of music saved from CD’s I have checked out at the library, without the CD drive, how would I save them?

Viewing something that needs to be seen in a large screen – Some websites or pictures just look better bigger. And sometimes you just want that ability. It’s just something you give up with a tablet. You can learn to live without it though :)

Things I would like to see the tablet do –

Better duality – I think I may be asking for more than these little tablets can do. But in my dreams, I could use the tablet in conjunction with the laptop like a second screen. Or better yet, like a Wacom tablet when I’m using Photoshop to illustrate and write!

More customization – while there’s so many visual elements you can change, there’s a few things you can’t. And I think this is more of a Windows 8 thing, rather than the tablet itself. So it’s actually very interesting to hear that Intel will now be creating tablets that are running an Android OS in addition to the Windows one!

In conclusion – I believe that the way tablets are working for us now, it really shows how we will be using both in our everyday lives, not just one or the other. Now we just need to wait for third party companies to catch up so that we can work on both and pick up where the other left off!

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