A literary take on fashion part 19

If you’re new to this books into fashion series, you can catch up with the others HERE.

In the last installment, I focused on classics – this time I am focusing on classics with strong women characters written by renown female authors!

Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell was one of those books I read as an older teen, after watching the movie countless times on television as a child (never understanding the story of course, but always loving the amazing technicolor cinematography!). This will forever be the book that made me understand that books turned into movies are always better as books. Scarlett O’hara grows up with her family on the plantation Tara, carefree and naive (and really, the list of unpleasantries could go on about this young lady). But the Civil War is ravaging the South, and her life will be changing forever. She’s in love with Ashley Wilkes (one of her many potential suitors) only after she learns that he’s engaged to his cousin. This fuels almost a book long lust to have what is not hers. Rhett Butler is an important character, because he’s not one to fall under Scarlett’s charm like the others do. Most of you know how the story goes, so I’ll spare you any more details. It’s a soap opera wrapped in a book! It’s quite long, but always worth reading once in your life.

The other book I though would be interesting to turn into a collage was Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. It was originally published in several books, it’s been cut up and rehashed to probably entice more readers. Four sisters, Meg, Jo, Amy, and Beth are vivacious characters that are all unique in their own way. The story documents the lives of the four sisters as they’ve fallen into a poverty after their father is hurt in the war and their mother often leaving to tend to him. The four must figure things out on their own, most importantly growing up, leading their own lives, and falling in love. There are many different themes going on around in this book! Like most sisters, there are often times many instances of fighting, but all put back into perspective after a scary ice skating accident and after someone passes away (won’t say who). I took the liberty of making up four modern sisters for this collage to represent their different personas in the book.

It is very interesting to see how these classic books are viewed with our modern day hindsight, especially with their interesting movie interpretations.