outside the box

When my sister (thank you Diana!) gave me this skirt a few weeks ago, I tried to visualize an a-typical outfit for myself. The basic me would add a black top & black boots and just go! I wanted to play around with a new color palette and imagined this royal blue combining well with tangerine!

Not to mention how perfect of a statement piece this skirt is as a wrap skirt with small hearts! (not sure if you can see them well in the picture, but they’re there). Plus I’m very glad that this skirt is long enough for work; every day I find it harder to find skirts that are long enough and comfortable for a professional setting (because even though really long skirts are in right now, they’re not very comfortable or practical for what I do).

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

Top: made by my mom for me. Skirt: See by Chloe (get a pant version of this skirt here!) Shoes: Bakers.

I took a risk by wearing white tights, and although I have these tights, I don’t usually wear them because they’re harder to combine than one would think. Plus, some days I think my legs are white enough anyway from lack of sun. Anyhow, thinking outside the box led me to this fun combination. Now to figure out alternative ways to wear this skirt! I’m thinking of a denim shirt with leather sandals next! Or maybe with a little bit of yellow.

Are there any color combinations “outside of the box” that you like wearing or would like to try? I have actually been thinking about playing more with wearing blue and black together!