Spring Break

This past Spring Break was a true break for me. I brought my camera, but just couldn’t find the patience to take photos while I was in Southern California. I spent 99% of it with my family and just wanted to enjoy being with them since now that I’ve finished school, this will probably be the last “Spring Break” I ever get to enjoy! So I leave you with the two photos I did remember to take –

Having a family member who is a nail art addict gives me the chance to play around with a rainbow of colors. Since it was Easter time, I thought I’d dress them up as jelly beans :)

Thrift Eye

My new favorite boots! Perfect for walking the San Francisco hills or with shorts for the summer (who am I kidding, I probably won’t wear shorts). These are by Sam Edelman.

Thrift Eye

Now I’m back home getting caught up with the real real world :)