Sister of the bride : in your dreams edition

Very late night the other day I got an email from my sister with the subject “LOOK ASAP.” I wondered what it could possibly be, and it was only a link to something on the Nordstrom’s website – and behold, after the click, was the most perfect “sister of the bride” dress at the moment!

This Tadashi dress is so perfect in many ways – it’d be one of those dresses you could wear again, and it fits into the theme of their wedding! The only thing that’s not so perfect is that it’s still out of my budget right now :( So I think to myself, maybe I can find a similar one online?

So my search then leads me to this beauty

This Oscar de la Renta dress is currently sold out but I saw one going on ebay for a cool $3000. Infinitely out of my budget.

OH but a girl can dream can’t she?! If it’s this hard to find a dress for my sister’s wedding, I can’t imagine how much more difficult the search is as a bride!