What to wear to your graduation

First off – CONGRATULATIONS! As someone who just finished their graduate degree in December, I know that sublime feeling of never.doing.homework.again!! (!!!) You would think that it would be easy to find the perfect thing to wear for this special event, but it turns out to be pretty damn hard.

My first suggestion is to stay away from all things poofy – trends and instincts may drive you towards wearing something like this, but just stick to something more form fitting that won’t be bulkier under your gown.

When I graduated with my bachelor’s a few years ago, we sat outside for two hours in the hot southern California sun – many of you will be outside too (lucky ducks that get to sit inside with air conditioning!).

Find yourself a slim fitting dress that depending on if you’re graduating indoors or outdoors, you may want to be sleeveless. Having a slim bag that you can carry across your body under the gown is a must! Some fun glasses, again, if you’re outside. A cute case for your phone if you’re taking pictures of yourself, your friends, classmates, etc is necessary too! Since you’ll also be walking across the stage, I highly recommend to not wear some crazy heels that make it hard to walk and easy to fall.

Wearing pants to your graduation is totally okay! I think a bright and colorful pair is a fun option. I’d keep the top pretty solid otherwise and pair it with some colorful accessories – a watch so you can keep track of time (graduations can run long), a wristlet so you can carry your essentials.

Pairing a skirt and blouse is a simple idea that will work comfortably under a cap and gown, but also something fun enough if you’re going to be celebrating with friends and family afterwards. Again, if you’re outside, don’t forget the sunscreen! And if you have room, a real camera is a great way to capture these special moments!

The most important part is that you remind yourself that all your hard work was worth it! It really doesn’t matter what you’re wearing in the end. Having the support and love behind you from the important people in your life is what matters the most in this new period of your life.