Patterns, colors, and textures in your wardrobe

So ever since I had a breakthrough about shopping responsibly, I have instead tried to shift focus on the things I do have and forcing myself to begin thinking outside of the box and wear my clothes in ways I don’t typically wear. For example, I’ve showcased how I’ve ended up wearing this outfit four times on the blog (1, 2, 3, 4) and countless times in real life – I still have the top and the skirt and would wear it together again in a heartbeat! So really, it’s time to change things up in our wardrobes.

We took a little day trip out to the small city of Tiburon across the bay, and the beauty and view were absolutely worth it!

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

Top: All Saints, gift. Skirt: The Gap, thrifted (similar one here). Tights: no name (similar one here). Boots: Paul Green Munchen from Buffalo Exchange Las Vegas. Belt: JCrew from Buffalo Exchange San Francisco.

Had I gotten up a fraction of a second earlier that morning, I’m not sure I would have chosen this outfit. This shirt was given to me by my boyfriend, but I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve only worn it as a pajama top since – just because I didn’t know how or when I’d wear it! It came together with the skirt, then I liked the brindle/heather pattern o the tights to match the top, added the boots, and finally this perforated silver belt that I pretty much wear with everything. It was a good mix of things I wear often and never, but also a mix of similar shades with different textures.