Short & sweet

I haven’t worn this dress/muumuu thing in a very long time and something about the summer sun made me pull it out of the deepest corner of my closet (the San Francisco fog has returned, so it’s been put away again for a long time).

I have recently been pulling out my record player and listening to some music before leaving the house (hence why I have a hat on). This time it’s been Chet Baker on rotation (back when I flew to New York in 2009, it was one of the two free listening options on the very long flight, so I listened to his best of album like 50 times that night!!) and happy to have found his album on vinyl! So with records in hand, I’m channeling a little bit of a modern bohemian vibe.

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

You can see our cat Dot camouflaged in this photo :)

Dress: vintage thrifted (similar). Hat: vintage from Alameda Flea market. Boots: Sam Edelman (get them here)

And in the spirit of spring/summer cleaning, I’ve moved around my living room for the the 3rd time this year. It is now in another reincarnation than what is pictured above. Just two more finishing touches and we’ll be done with it (1. mounting TV to the wall 2. finally finding a table, this is the one I want). The record player has a permanent place, instead of this little spot on the ground! The cat is always intrigued by it and I constantly have to stop her from wanting to do a little scratching on the record! :)

Here’s to wearing things you haven’t worn in forever!