A fun red dress

Happy Friday all! I’m off to some secret adventures, but I’d like to share with you guys pictures from last weekend where I got to hang out with some fabulous lady friends, that also happen to be bloggers – and when we get together, it sometimes inevitably turns into a photoshoot!

So I could have sworn I’d worn this dress more recently on the blog before, but I could only find this outfit post from 2008 (!!) It will forever be one of my favorite dresses ever! I thought it would be nice to dress up to meet up the ladies – Ms. Jesica of RyzenberOn and Ms. Nicole of Manners and Moxie (click on their links to see their posts from the same day!) They got a taste of how much of a librarian AND nerd I am – I made them wait for me as I pulled a bunch of Harry Potter books from a free book box on the side of the street and then made them wait for me again as I bought a book from author J. Otto Seibold (of Olive the Other Reindeer fame) and had him sign it for me. This turned out to be such an amazing day :)

Thrift Eye, Fornarina dress, red dress, red print dress, jockey print

Dress: Fornarina, Las Vegas store from when I worked there, now long closed. Tights: DKNY. Shoe: Paul Green boot sneaker hybrid from Buffalo Exchange. Purse: Botkier. Watch: Bill Blass vintage from Alameda Flea Market.

Thrift Eye, red dress, red print dress, jockey print

Thrift Eye

Pretty damn excited about my book!
Thrift Eye

Jesica, I, and the pile of books I lugged around :)
Thrift Eye

Thank you so much for the photos ladies! This weekend is going to be hard to top!