A literary take on fashion part 21

If you’re new to this books into fashion series, you can catch up with the others HERE

In this installment, I bring you a collage not only from my own readings, but another by the lovely Nnenna who blogs over at Star Crossed Smile, who also runs the awesome Correspondence Club! (Thank you Nnenna!)

In Nnenna’s own words-

Me Before You is the story of the unlikely friendship (and later romance) between Louisa and Will. Louisa is an ordinary girl living a simple life in a small English countryside town and Will is a hotshot businessman, jet setter and adventure-seeker, that is, until an accident leaves him mostly paralyzed and bound to a wheelchair. When Louisa finds herself in need of a new job, she applies to be Will’s daily caretaker. At first he ignores her completely or is downright rude to her, but over time Will softens and begins to open up. One evening Louisa overhears Will’s parents discussing his health and learns a shocking secret about Will’s future.

I really liked the character of Louisa and enjoyed watching her hopes and dreams develop over the course of the book. In the beginning, you kind of hate Will because he’s so mean and pessimistic, but you also pity him because a terrible thing has happened to him. This book also discusses a very controversial topic that’s a key part of Louisa and Will’s story, but without shoving the issue in your face and in a way that really makes you think. I was definitely a little sad and teary near the end, but I think this book is well worth a read.

Louisa’s style is a little bit eclectic, a little bit vintage. She dresses colorfully and uniquely and likes to shop at thrift and vintage stores. A few items in particular have special significance- the black-and-yellow striped tights, the bumble-bee tattoo, and the red fitted dress. Want to know why they’re important? Well, you’ll just have to read the book! ;)”

So the book I chose to turn into a collage, seems like it may have been the inspiration for Nnenna’s book (but completely opposite)! Lady Chatterly’s Lover by DH Lawrence was one of those books that gave me impressions of the sadness complexity that love and relationships can be. Set in the English countryside, Constance is a lovely lady who is married to an educated, high class man that was paralyzed at war, and consequently impotent. Constance has already had a fling, but she’s tired of the space growing between her and her husband Clifford (among other things). When she then seemingly falls in love with Mellors the grounds/game keeper – he is quite the opposite of her husband, and she’s impossibly attracted to him. After giving in to his own reluctance, they begin a love affair – where Constance is constantly tempted to leave her husband at any moment, but their social lives and Mellor’s previous marriage are big road blocks. When rumors begin to spin around in their small town, Constance seems to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown and Mellors is turned away from the home and forced to work somewhere else. I don’t have to give you the end, but just know this doesn’t end as a happy story of course.

Thank you SO much Nnenna for collaborating with me :) Have you guys read either of the books? I haven’t read Me Before You, but I think I will at her suggestion! And again, if you’re interested, please be in contact with me and you can make a collage too!