A retro future

I spent all of last week in Southern California again, to get my sister’s wedding shower ready and done (glad that’s all finished now and now I’m back in SF).

In the process of cleaning up for the party, I stumbled upon this little number that belongs to my mother – it was hand made for her in the 70’s! It’s so funny to try it on again (the last time I did I was a teenager) and see myself as my mother. She took a few photos of me wearing it, but this specific photo stood out from the others because there’s a photo locked away somewhere of her standing the almost exact same way. We could have been twins.

Thrift Eye, wearing vintage clothing, swedish hasbeens, vintage outfit

While I would probably never wear this together out and about, it gave me a sense to what I feel like my style has been evolving to, and hence the title of this post – a retro future.

Meaning, wearing forward fashion with a nod to the past. Mixing the new and old. Breathing a new life and modern approach to the vintage. And knowing this, I can visualize outfits together in a better sense when figuring out what to wear the next day. It’s amazing how 2013 has been such a breakthrough year for realizations on my wardrobe and fashion. Have you had a similar revelation like this yourself?