Finding the courage to wear a jumpsuit

Many moons ago when I still lived in Las Vegas, I found the courage to wear a jumpsuit (last and only seen here in 2009). Somewhere along the way (called gaining lots of weight) I lost that courage. Last week while rummaging through some of my old belongings I stored at my parent’s home, I came across the same jumpsuit, balled up and forgotten in a box of things I planned to never wear again. Well here I am, wearing it again! This hot summer has really allowed itself for wearing loungey and comfortable pieces like this. And while I’m normally not one to knot my tshirts, I thought it’d give the jumpsuit some structure of looking like pants!

Thrift Eye, American Apparel jumpsuit, denim jumpsuit

Thrift Eye, white tshirt, knotted shirt

Jumpsuit: American Apparel. Tshirt: mine is Alexander Wang T, but I do not recommend getting anything from this line – every single piece I’ve bought has gotten holes so easily (including this top which already has a small hole in the shoulder. I’d suggest this one by Splendid instead. Sandals: Target from a few years ago.

This may not be an everyday piece, but it’s definitely a statement one! I’m not trying to fool myself or anyone into liking these, I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. And that’s okay! So how do you feel about jumpsuits? A fun forward wardrobe option or best left for babies? ;)