Mixing and matching bikinis

The last summers I can count on all my fingers, I’ve always found a great one piece bathing suit to rock the whole summer. I tend to stick to something a little retro or actual vintage. In finding my own confidence this summer, I’ve done something that I haven’t had the courage to do in a very long time – wear a bikini. Not only that, finding the courage to share it here too.

This is the first and last time I will probably have a picture of myself here in a bathing suit. I even debated not putting it on the internet for the world to see. But I’ve realized that part of my new self discovery and acceptance also means breaking free of the fear of never feeling cute or skinny enough to be in a bikini. It doesn’t matter what size I am or will be in the future – all that matters is that I’m happy and comfortable. And in that thought, is what I find peace about my own body.

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Bikini top: Rachel Pally but this polka dotty one is cute too. Bikini bottoms: Liberty of London for Target from a few years back, but this Liberty for Jcrew one is pretty similar and made in the USA!

My sister has been saving me lots of different bikini tops and bottoms that are all mis-matched but matching in their own special and quirky way (hoping that I’d find the courage to wear them). But I love the idea of finding complementary colors or patterns to go together (in this case, a polka dot and floral print).

Do you lean towards bikinis or one pieces? Are you the person who wont wear one at all? We all have our preferences, each of which is absolutely up to no one but you.