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I wanted to write a formal post about subscribing to my blog after the demise of Google Reader –

As an avid blog reader and blogger, I admit I loved Google Reader a little too much. I’m still upset that it shut down because I’m a creature of habit and I liked how it let me explore new blogs just as much as it let me read the ones I already subscribed to.

If you want to subscribe to this blog click on this link

What do you do with that link after you’ve click on it?

I have a few platforms to suggest



EDIT: The Old Reader – I suggested this at first, but it looks like it may be shutting down already!

But you may have found your own already. I just switched from The Old Reader to Netvibes. Just feel around a bit.

You can also subscribe through Bloglovin, which is a blogger friendly platform. Click on the image below to get to my Bloglovin feed


Don’t care for ANY of those? You can always follow my blog updates on Facebook

I just don’t want to lose touch with you guys, if you ever find that any of those platform links are not working, please also let me know so I can fix them or provide alternatives!

  • Yep, I was a huge Google Reader fan too and I everything else I tried I didn’t like. Now that it’s officially shut down I’m using Feedly and I’ve customized it to look somewhat like Google Reader, but it’s just not the same!

    • Eli

      I hate everything else too 🙁

  • niki

    Google Reader just announced they are changing to a private site and will only host about 10,000 users. I’ve spent some time looking around for an alternative (because I loved Google and Old Reader) and I recommend Digg Reader.

    • Eli

      Do you have a link to this information, I’d love to read it if you do!