A gloomy summer

Just when I think our summer may be turning a corner away from the fog, it comes right back to us – so much that I had to take these outfit photos indoors because my camera was going to blow away and the lens would not focus amidst the billowing fog.

The grey and black contrasts of this outfit soothe my summer blues

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

Dress: gift from sister, tags were ripped out, but here’s a similar one by Theory. Belt: take from another dress, here’s a very similar one. Tights: Hue. Boots: Sam Edelman. Hat: Vintage from flea market.

When I hear people speak about how they’re excited for fall, I want to punch them. Come to San Francisco and experience fall all year round and see if you’re still excited about it.

This is officially a bummer summer in San Francisco – any hope for sunshine exists exclusively in leaving town! More reason to travel!

  • Love your black dress and hat. I’m not ready for fall either…Fashion wise, fall is great, but this summer’s weather has been so weird, I would like summer to stretch longer than usual to make up for it.

    • Eli

      I can’t catch a break, I dont get any sun living in SF, and when I lived in Vegas it was one degree from hell! I need to live somewhere that’s in between!

  • Kristian Satterlee

    Well,it is too bad that the weather has been so weird though I like the outfit- especially the hat.

    • Eli

      Thanks 🙂

  • Crystal Lee

    I feel for you, gal. Hope you get some sunshine soon! I’m hoping that gloomy summer means a more sunny Fall. Love your get up. The grey hat is pretty killer.

    • Eli

      I hope it sure does mean that we’re getting a LATE summer!

  • sartorialsidelines

    Please don’t punch me but I love fall and would live to be somewhere where it felt like fall all year long, because you can wear awesome fall fashion – like all the pieces you’re wearing here!

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

    • Eli

      hehe I would never!! I just wish I’d have sunshine too, we never get sun here 🙁

  • You can have our smelly humid NY summer (there’s a reason we all get the heck out of town as much as possible). I love winter best, so you’ll have to give the weather back when the time comes.

    Love this moody gray outfit. I’ve been wearing a lot of heather gray and pink myself (because we do have summer). 🙂

  • I am super excited to one day soon wear tights again! Love those couch pillows btw!

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  • I feel you Eli! Every day the clouds roll in I feel like something has been stolen from me. Oh yeah, my summer. It’s too short as it is without all this bad weather.

    And what is that stunning ring you are wearing?