Clothes made by my mom for me

As I have been exploring my own personal wardrobe journey on shopping Made in the USA (see this post and this other post) and after reading Overdressed, I have truly realized that we should somehow reignite the movement to make our own clothes! I have saved my machine for years just altering/mending clothes and making pillows. I need to kickstart learning how to make my own clothes little by little. I want to have one thing made by my own hands before the end of the year.

I’m inspired by my mother’s sewing skills – from my childhood to this very day, she will still make me something if she has time and I can get her fabric! It is AWESOME to wear something made just for you, even more so when that person is your mom :)

So I’m rounding up some of the things I’ve worn on the blog that were made by her – realizing I haven’t done a good job at sharing so many other things made by her hands and I can’t figure out why!

Recently, this tangerine simple top that I’ve worn countless time since she made it. See post here.
Thrift Eye

This polka dot dress! See post here.
Thrift Eye

This graphic print top. See post here.
Thrift Eye

A striped dress. See post here. This post also talks a little bit about how my mom would make our clothes.
Thrift Eye

A watercolor dress. See post here.
Thrift Eye

A le-sac dress DIY. See post here.

Drop-crotch pants, don’t judge me, they were cool then :) See post here.

This last one is very old and the picture quality is not that great, so I’ll only link to it – a skirt she made me. See post here.

One day I hope to have enough content to do a roundup of the clothes I have made for myself!

Do you have something in your wardrobe that’s been made just for you or that you’ve made for yourself? Please send me the link in the comments so I can see it! I want to be inspired.