How to wear a white dress

I think the little white dress is terribly overshadowed by the black dress – I personally find them just as, if not more flattering ; especially in the summer (in spite of loving prints and patterns as explained a few posts earlier). In fact, the last time this dress¬†made an appearance on the blog almost exactly a year ago, I wore it with my go to basics of then – black boots and a black jacket (and I’m kind of shocked to see how much heavier I looked then, in comparison to the current pictures!! When I see myself in the mirror I don’t see the big difference, it’s in these side by side pictures where I can see a difference).

This time around, I felt like I wanted to accessorize with a more feminine touch. The neutral tones complimented the dress well and wasn’t such a stark contrast to the boots and biker jacket version from before.

Thrift Eye, white dress, vince dress, botkier purse

Dress: Vince, thrifted. Heels: Vintage, from consignment store in Vegas. Purse: Botkier.

Thrift Eye, short hair style,

Thrift Eye, white dress, vince dress, botkier purse

I hadn’t really ever worn my hair with the curls pulled back – I actually really enjoyed the soft, romantic look it gave. I really want to incorporate a braid next time – except I’ve recently cut my hair even shorter (you’ll continue seeing it long in a few more of these pictures).

So as for the little white dress, I should probably do a side by side comparison of the few I own! The only challenge with these LWD is that you must fight all day long against the elements that want to put spots or stains on you. I feel like I’m one of those persons that will stain white clothing the minute you put it on!

pictures by Jorge Novoa