Finding my blue shoes

Many moons ago, I wore these Ash flats almost every day, until I ground them down to holes and couldn’t wear them anymore. Awful, but I wear a lot of things that just need navy blue shoes! I didn’t help that I had already bought them used, so when I didn’t have them anymore, I felt so stuck – I’ve instead either wore cream colored shoes or red ones, (somehow always feeling like an American flag). Then it became a problem when I couldn’t find any affordable or comfortable (are the two mutually exclusive in the world of shoes?!) navy blue shoes. I got outbid every single time I vintage Ferragamo pair came up on eBay, not my style, most other’s were just too high for every day wear or too expensive for me.

The other day DSW invited people to an in-store event in San Francisco hosted by some other bloggers, I was able to snag a spot to come! ¬†We ooh and aaah’ed over some damn beautiful and fancy shoes. But I knew that I needed to find my blue shoes! They were having a huge sale, and I was able to find these cute VanEli pointy heels that are perfect. The price was right too, $42 after the sale. They were partially purchased with a giftcard DSW kindly gave us, so I’m grateful that they helped me find my long lost shoes.

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You’ll be seeing me wear these a lot :)

Do you have a similar elusive shoe story? When I get the chance to save up my money, I’m definitely going to get myself the vintage Ferragamo pair I’ve been dreaming of. In the meantime, these pointy pair and I will be best friends.