Halloween costume ideas: La Chilindrina

So, El Chavo del 8 is a very odd show to explain to people that have never seen it before – it was part of a variety show in Mexico that was broadcast all over Latin America in the 70’s and 80’s and you can frequently catch re-runs here and there. Think of a Saturday Night Live type show with some of the adults dressed as children, based around the lives of residents in an apartment complex – the most notable character being Chavo, an orphan who lives in a barrel. I like to consider La Chilindrina his best friend and partner in crime, they always thought of the most absurd things together. Someone was always getting in trouble and/or hurt each episode – it’s definitely not a show they would make today (much like Married With Children). But boy, can it be so hilarious some times :)

La Chilindrina is known for her overly dramatic crying, and because she’s supposed to be a little girl, the very obvious (fake) missing tooth. I used to watch the reruns with my whole family, and we’d just laugh our heads off. If you were lucky, you could catch the other parts of the variety show (one of which included the original inspiration for the Simpson’s Bumblebee Man!). I caught an episode the other day that had me crying at how dumb yet funny it was, it brought back some great memories and knew it would make a great costume.

Sweater: thrifted. Polo: thrifted, get one at American Apparel. My little pin is a Murakami pin from the LA Moma. My glasses are my actual normal eye glasses, they’re Rayban (so don’t make fun of them).



Are you one of those people that don’t care if no one knows who you’re dressed as and you need to keep explaining yourself? I don’t think I can do that!! But some people love it!