Valuable vs. Expensive

Something I have noticed in blogging trends and has bugged me quite a bit is conspicuous consumption trap that many bloggers fall into. What happens is a chain reaction of people trying to attain things they cannot afford. It’s sad to see someone put themselves in financial debt because they wanted a Celine, Chanel, etc. purse – don’t do that to yourself.

So the intention of my post here is to make you really look at your closet and evaluate what is the most expensive and then the most valuable thing you own and paid for. You’ll quickly see that they are not necessarily the same thing most times! Because the sub-par quality and manufacturing of many items made in the last decade, the price you pay doesn’t always match the value. I think this is why I stopped shopping collaboration collections – the items now are extremely overpriced, so much that you’re able to buy items from the original brand on sale for less sometimes.

Here we go, to date this is the most expensive thing I paid for in my closet – my Vivienne Westwood x Melissa heels- purchased for $70 at Buffalo Exchange. They’re really expensive for what I typically pay for most things. But they’re in mint condition, I love them, hard to find, and will keep them until they fall apart (or melt in this case).
Thrift Eye, Melissa heart shoes, Melissa vivienne westwood shoes, vivienne westwood heart shoes, heart shoes, heart heels

Versus, the most valuable,  a most exquisite Herve Leger, dress thrifted for less than $10 a few years ago (sorry for the fuzzy picture, it’s incredibly difficult to capture the details of a black dress)
Thrift Eye, herve leger dress, herve leger black dress

Thrift Eye, herve leger dress, herve leger black dress

Having lived the thrifty lifestyle for the past few years, I have been able to come to the conclusion that anything and everything ALWAYS ends up in the thrift store! Now, you just have to sort through more crap to find the good stuff. The good stuff won’t always be Herve Leger dresses, and I won’t even pretend that’s always the case. But you can use the same mentality when shopping – look for quality, not necessarily the price.

Shopping second hand allows me to invest less money into my wardrobe but increase the value of it, as opposed to purchasing everything new (even if your closet is 100% Forever 21 – you’re still spending more money in the long run, because it falls apart quickly or goes out of style soon after).

You don’t have to go into debt to create the wardrobe of your dreams. Even if you’re not into thrifting, I think you can still create a solid wardrobe by shopping from places like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, or Nordstrom Rack but also eBay. My blogging income, which sometimes comes via store credit, also allows me reinvest some of that money or credit into purchasing some things in my wardrobe (but that is a topic for a whole other post! I’m just trying to be transparent here about what goes on behind the scenes, since I know most other bloggers won’t).

Have you thought about your closet in this way? I’ll also share with you that the most sentimental valued item in my closet (that is priceless to me) is a vintage button-up shirt given to me by mom – she wore it to her grandfather’s funeral and gave it to me many years ago. I treasure the things she wore when she was young because not much of it survived. I’d love to hear about any thrifty expeditions that have resulted in finding things of great value!