Favorite outfits of 2013

How did 2013 escape through my hands so quickly?

I went from living so unhappy with how my body was feeling in the early part of the year, to losing 30 lbs after I cut bread out of my diet – giving me a whole new perspective on the relationship with myself but also revisiting my wardrobe and how things fit me. Also, after four years of not getting a haircut, I said goodbye to #longhairdontcare it was so amazingly liberating and interesting to get more haircuts in one year than I had in the six years before.

This year was also the year I was finally able to call myself a librarian after having struggled through my Master’s program for a few years. I took it upon myself to find a new job, but instead found two new part time jobs in addition to the one I already had! Yet somehow still managed to find time to blog. I’m so happy I did though, in spite of being so busy – I love having this catalog of all these outfits, and will be so glad to look back on this one day.

2013 was also the year of realizations on our unhealthy relationship with our clothing – I vowed to only buy new clothing that was Made in the USA and have learned to appreciate how our clothes are made.

I went through the blog and found 12 favorite outfits from each month of last year.

A chilly January, bundled up in a fun coat
Thrift Eye

Wow, February was when I finally decided to make the chop!
Thrift Eye

I’ll always love the Mad Men vibe from this outfit
Thrift Eye

A fun photoshoot exploring one of my favorite places, Golden Gate Park 
Thrift Eye

What I wore to a Liberace party! I think this is the first post where you can actually notice I lost weight.  I hadn’t worn this dress since about 2006 (cause I didn’t fit in it anymore).
Thrift Eye

Discovering the most jaw droppingly beautiful place in the Bay Area, the top of Mt. Tamalpais
Thrift Eye

A summer brunch with some other SF blog gals!
Thrift Eye, Fornarina dress, red dress, red print dress, jockey print

My birthday outfit.
Thrift Eye, american apparel dot, trina turk blouse, red lips, short hair

One of my favorite LWD’s.
Thrift Eye, white dress, vince dress, botkier purse

My new favorite pair of thrifted pants. 
Thrift Eye, zara top, jcrew pants, printed tee

When I thrifted this awesome vintage Saint James top!
Thrift Eye, saint james striped top, saint james breton, boyfriend jeans, gap boyfriend jeans, rachel comey oxfords, rachel comey shoes

And a new spin on this old favorite dress! 
Thrift Eye, Diane von Furstenberg dress,

If you even made it down this far in the post, thank you for taking the time to read and follow along. I don’t believe in resolutions, just following your heart (and brain). Here’s to 2014, up up and away!

  • what an evolution for you! I congratulate you on all your successes in 2013! It’s not easy to go through the challenges but to make it out better and stronger seems (almost) worth it.

    Cheers to 2014!



  • This has been a year of many changes for you and it has been wonderful to see so many things, especially your confidence about these things. And, although you didn’t mention it here, I’ve also really enjoyed things like your posts about consumerism and the fashion industry. Happy New Year!

    • Eli

      Thanks Kristian, I’m glad to get feedback about that – sometimes it’s very conflicting to be a person that blogs about fashion and doesn’t want to be drowned in the world of it! I know I’m not the only one out there though 🙂

  • I really enjoy reading recaps like these and it sounds like 2013 was a good year for you. In particular, I admire the way that you identified what you were unhappy about and made positive changes. Hope 2014 is filled with more great things for you Eli!

  • jeff shu

    looking good Eli!

    • Eli

      Thanks 🙂

  • Eli

    thank you Nancy 🙂