Hello winter

I’m moving these blog photos indoors because it’s cold everywhere (I had to scrape ice off my car several times this week to go to work) – I know I complain quite about how cold it is in SF, but damn it’s cold. So I can’t even fathom those of you that live in and live on with ice and snow!

So see, something about bad weather makes me gravitate towards dark outfits again!

Jacket: old Forever 21, so this Splendid one is awesome (made in USA!) . Dress: Diane von Furstenberg, thrifted. Tights: Hue. Boots: Sam Edelman. Necklace: Vintage. Belt: Vintage. Watch: Vintage Bill Blass.

Thrift Eye, Diane von Furstenberg dress,

Thrift Eye, Diane von Furstenberg dress, vintage monet necklace, monet necklace, rodin's the thinker,

Thrift Eye, Diane von Furstenberg dress, cotton motorcycle jacket,

It’s funny because this little wall in our home is quickly undergoing lots of changes again. I found these posters hidden at work and brought them home with me because they were going to be trashed! Let’s see where they end up! I’m particularly drawn to this colorful portrait of Rodin’s The Thinker – the statue is at the Legion of Honor here in San Francisco and it’s pretty striking to see it in person. So this pea colored background it came with is quite interesting.