Lace on lace

Temperatures have risen a bit this December, was I just complaining about it being cold? (hello global warming!). It got warm enough to enjoy a quick bare legged walk to dinner in an outfit with a story.

Thrift Eye

See, my mom made this lace top and skirt set just for me. I’ve only worn it once before, and it was worn just like this. They’re not attached to each other, but in my head they’re like once piece – they have to be worn together.

Thrift Eye

Skirt and top: made by my mom for me. Shoes: Fornarina.

Do you find yourself with a similar outfit that just HAS to be worn together? And the weird thing is, if this was something store bought, I probably would have donated it a long time ago because I don’t wear it. But because it was made for me, I just can’t ever give it away either. I need to show you guys some of the 90’s and 00’s things my mom made me and I’ve kept!