Hello new blog look!

A bit behind, but starting off 2014 with a new look for this blog! When I transferred from Blogger to WordPress 2 years ago, I went with a basic layout that comes free. Besides customizing the header, there really wasn’t much I could do. A few months ago after searching high and low, I found a new theme that I liked. But I sat on it, worried that I wasn’t going to be able to handle the import! Instead I worked on a new logo, finally settling on one after many revisions.

Today I bit the bullet and just did it – I figured if I was able to do the WordPress import, then I’d be able to do this myself too. It was actually so easy (the actual theme switch), it was the adjustment of getting the links, header, and bits and pieces that took the whole evening. In fact, there was one damn button that would not budge, I had to teach myself a bit of CSS to fix it. It’s just hidden at the moment, so I won’t say this thing it’s 100% complete – there are still some adjustments I’d like to make (and also optimize the mobile layout). But blog is a one woman show! I’d love to hear your feedback or even tips!

Did I think I’d get here and be doing this when I started this blog in 2006? Absolutely not – I’m drowning in a sea of other bloggers. Many who come armed with photographers and web developers, that jump right into a professional site! I started this thing from the bottom and have worked my way up mostly by myself. I laugh when people ask if I get help from my boyfriend – and although he’s a professional photographer, he’s too busy doing his own damn work to help me here most of the time. I do most of it myself, and I thank each an every single one of you for motivating me to continue. Blogging is not my main job or income, I do it for fun – even though it drives me crazy some (most) nights, and you’ll often put a lot of work into something that doesn’t pay back very much. What I love is the writing and photography outlet, the opportunity to hone my web and photo editing skills, the community and people I have met, a catalog or my outfits I’ll be able to keep forever, and getting to interact and share information not only with people in the city I live in, but also all over the world.

thank you again and again

Just as a reminder, I have found some of the old versions

This being the latest, I was so proud of my moving gif header that spelled out Thrift Eye

And this was how it looked when I started with WordPress, I carried over the header from the Blogger one. I basically looked the same!

Because you want to see how it looked last on Blogger?

Basically, I’ve been stuck with polka dots and blue for way too long. I did find my woods themed theme from when I was still in Vegas, I had this one for a bit too. I had all kinds of buttons and business cards designed around this.

I wasn’t able to find any of my other blog layouts sadly. I did find this super old header that pretty much summed up how I felt being the only blogger in Las Vegas for a very long time…

So here we are now – again, suggestions and tips are welcome! Hoping to have this optimized very soon!