Spotlight on: Splendid

Since I have been so interested in exploring the Made in USA theme here on my blog – I thought it would only be appropriate to begin featuring brands, both large and small, that have that have a mission to create fashionable things of great quality and are Made in the USA for men, women, and children too.

I thought a great kick-off point would be to spotlight Splendid! They really have made a huge comeback the last few years, branching out from the t-shirts they were so known for. While they’re not 100% Made in the USA, I would say it looks like they’re about 80% (because they’ve branched out to shoes now too). Their parent company, VF Contemporary Brands states

“We work hard to ensure that every individual enjoys a clean, safe work environment, free from discrimination and harassment. We believe that workers at supplier facilities have the right to freely choose employment.  We support the right to fair compensation, the right to associate freely and bargain collectively. These and other rights are embodied in our Global Compliance Principles or GCP, established in 1997.”

And now they’ve just released this really cool Indigo dye collection “The combination of indigo dyed fabric and Splendid’s coveted knits was born by way of the brand’s natural surroundings. Through neighboring denim wash houses and rich ocean colors of its Los Angeles roots evolved new ways of thinking the color blue.”

Looks good to me!

I hope you guys enjoy this, and hoping something good comes out of this new feature! :)