My tablet, my way

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I’m really excited about today’s post! If you’ve been following my tablet life posts since the beginning (see all previous posts here), you’ll get an idea of how I’ve been integrating the tablet into my daily life. Intel gave some select people tablets (I think we all got different ones) back in early 2013 and the freedom to do whatever we wanted to do with them! It’s been really awesome to come home and tinker around with it most evenings, do blog work, listen to music, and my personal favorite READ BOOKS!

So with some help, I was able to shoot this video to share with you guys a quick zoom through of how I use the tablet! If you’re interested in specs about the tablet I use, the Acer Iconia w510, check it out on Amazon.

if you’d rather watch it on YouTube or in a larger size, click here!

Video: Jorge Novoa
Desktop backgrounds: DesignLoveFest
Nail polish: Butter London

If you use a Windows 8 tablet or OS, please please please share some of your favorite apps!!