Best, last, longest: Kelli Ryder

A few weeks ago, you saw my introductory post to the “Best, Last, Longest” book series I will be running here – where I will be sharing the best, last, and longest books read by some influential and generally awesome people around the web!

Featured first, is the lovely Kelli Ryder. Kelli wears many hats – she’s the associate editor at Rue Magazine (they just released their latest issue, read it now!) and writer over at Leopard & Lavender. Kelli is currently hosting a book club on her blog, which is awesome! And she’s doing something I find totally admirable and amazing. Along with her fiancé, they are raising $3,600 for the Avon Breast Cancer walk where they will be walking 40 miles! (support their team here). I’m also pretty lucky to have met Kelli a few times, and she’s positively charming with a warm smile just as you see her in her photos. So here are her best, last, and longest book choices-

Best book – To Kill a Mockingbird: “This was SO difficult to choose — I was such a bookworm growing up, and there were lots and lots of books that really resonated with me. However, I think my favorite is To Kill a Mockingbird. My dad read it to me once a year when I was young, and I’ve revisited it several times as an adult. It really taught me a lot about kindness, and in many ways— a lot about my father, who is a total Atticus Finch!”

Last book – Where’d You Go, Bernadette: “I read this as part of my blogger Book Club with Better World Books. I made the mistake of starting the book at 10pm… and was awake until 4am when I’d finished the last page! I don’t always like quick & easy reads (I can get through them so quickly that I feel I’ve missed out on the details and experience), but they’re sometimes necessary. They hit that reset button in between heavier, more emotional books.”

Longest book – Devil in the White City: “I don’t think this is technically the longest book I’ve ever read, but it sure felt like it! The architecture portion was really difficult for me to get through. It really was interesting, but I still felt bored to tears with every chapter that focused on it. However, I admired the approach the author took to telling the story of Chicago’s World Fair, and I felt it would be somewhat disrespectful to stop reading it altogether. It took me months but I finally finished and was SO glad I stuck with it the entire way!”

Thank you SO much Kelli for doing this, and I hope you guys drop her a line! What did you think of her book choices? Have you read/not read them yet? I’ve personally read the first two, and they’re some of my favorites. Now I’m intrigued by The Devil in the White City! Happy reading :)