Spotlight On: J Brand

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I am a dedicated follower to J Brand jeans! A few years ago, all of my denim decided to fall apart at the exact same time. I had been wearing jeans from a store I used to work at, because I had gotten them for free – but when I moved to San Francisco, they deteriorated at the same time, but also quickly went out of style. I had to replace all my denim in one swoop, but didn’t really know much about anything besides Levi’s!

I can no longer remember who did it, but I was pushed towards checking out J Brand. And the funny thing is, this is before I even knew they were made in the USA! Luckily, I have a few resale stores nearby, and was able to visit a Wasteland & Buffalo Exchange to find the right pair – I didn’t even know what size I was, so I didn’t want to risk buying the wrong size and dealing with online returns. I can now say, when you find a pair that fits, it’s very flattering and an easy style to keep coming back to.

j brand lookbook, made in the usa

j brand lookbook 3

j brand lookbook 2

j brand lookbook 1

j brand lookbook  4

Their About page is very clear about their practices – but still, even as a disclaimer, their denim is made in the USA, their mainline clothing for the most part is not. Save for an old hand me down pair of Gap jeans, my denim has exclusively been J Brand as of late. I’ve had some good luck finding them at good prices online, and thrift stores, and at resale stores!