Made in USA in regular retail

In my previous post, I showed you how you can shop Made in USA with second hand style, but you can also shop Made in USA in retail stores with mixed merchandise! It doesn’t just have to be bought online or through thrift stores! I went window shopping recently, and was pleasantly surprised to find so many things that fit the bill (more than I could take pictures of). So look for more features like this here; hopefully soon and ongoing.

The first store I stopped at was Steven Alan – they carry a lot of the S.A. brand obviously, which a lot of (but not all) is made in the USA, but also some other brands worthy of noting!

This pretty floral top has a nice silky feel to it, from the Steven Alan mainline
Thrift Eye, shopping made in USA, steven alan

Another Steven Alan mainline, the perfect long blouse for work or days off
Thrift Eye, shopping made in USA, steven alan

I’ve been on the hunt for a good peacoat, and this one by Fidelity sure caught my eye
Thrift Eye, shopping made in USA, steven alan

A short bus ride later, I found myself at Anthropologie browsing their racks. Surprise, not everything there is made in China! They do carry some USA manufactured items, you just have to look.

This interesting Nanette Lepore top would look great layered
Thrift Eye, shopping made in USA, anthropologie

This Corey Lynn Calter watercolor/polka dot dress is so beautiful.
Thrift Eye, shopping made in USA, anthropologie

Now I have this Dolan dress on my mind for workdays!
Thrift Eye, shopping made in USA, anthropologie

I wish some American brands would start bringing back some of their production to balance out the other stuff – Levi’s tries to do this, but wouldn’t it be great if a brand likethe Gap had a section in its store with some Made in the USA merchandise too?

  • Sara

    Oh gosh I love that Anthropologie dress,the polka dotted/floral one. So gorgeous. I try and shop American made whenever I can, but I find myself only able to do so during sales because I can’t afford the price tag yet (still a student and all). But I love the thrift shop post because it helps me make more ethical fashion choices! Thanks!

    • Eli

      Well, Anthropologie is pretty expensive EVEN during its sales! Darn them!!

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