Fit: for better or worse

I don’t make resolutions for the new year, it’s been a while since I’ve stuck to the ‘make your goals year round’ type of thing. I’m about to hit the two year mark since I cut starchy breads out of my diet and it took my body for a huge spin. It’s a daily battle, but the enemy is bread (gosh, it sounds so pathetic typing that out). I’m not gluten free, and don’t claim to be.

Changing my diet changed my body, but doing light exercise also helped tremendously. I’m not a long distance runner (barely a short distance runner). But I have tried to walk every single day, throughout the day – most days I walk between 3-5 miles by the end of the night. At my peak, I was jogging too. Something I never saw myself doing. I seriously slacked off the last few months because *life* and I want to get back on track again to light jogging to strengthen my body.

I have 3 things that have helped me tremendously to even get to these goals

1. Pacing myself – I have a goal point in my neighborhood, and I know that when I get there and back home, I have completed two miles. What I do then, is jog one block, then walk one block. When I’m feeling really energetic, I’ll zig-zag up and down the blocks in this path alternating the walking and jogging (the blocks are also up and down hill). This gets my heart rate up, and gives me adequate rest so I don’t hurt myself.

2. Kinesiology Tape saved my life (well, legs) from excruciatingly painful shin-splints. They work on other body parts too – but this stuff is serious magic. When I’m wearing the tape, I can sometimes jog for longer distances (than the one block described above, to about 3 or 5 blocks) or even a longer total distance for the day.

3. Wearing a Fitbit. For a long time, I didn’t even use the FitBit app. I use it to see my total distance and steps in the day like a pedometer. I use the app now to track weekly and monthly progress (I like charts and graphs). I have a few friends, but don’t see what they do, I don’t like to compare or compete. This is real life, there are no winners or losers.

I get almost all of my workout clothing second-hand. You wouldn’t believe the brand new stuff I find out there all the time. I think it’s because some people buy fancy workout clothes and sometimes give up (it’s sadly so easy to), or because of poorly thought out gifts that go straight to donations. It would be wonderful to find some made in USA workout brands! (pass them along if you know of any). Wouldn’t it be nice if American Apparel made dedicated workout clothes? I also wear a very light backpack so I can carry water, phone, keys, and usually a book (I sometimes read when I get to my destination, before I go back home).

Item From Made in… BUY
Fitbit HERE
Nike Sports top thrifted Sri Lanka
Nike leggings thrifted Cambodia
Nike Free Waffle gift from mom Vietnam
Adidas hoodie thrifted Indonesia
Alite squirrel pack gift China

Thrift Eye, fitbit review, getting healthy, how i lost weight

BEFORE – don’t let this cute photo fool you, exercising is not this glamorous
Thrift Eye, fitbit review, getting healthy, how i lost weight

When this is what I’ll look like if you see me on the streets
Thrift Eye, fitbit review, getting healthy, how i lost weight

I get people asking me all the time what my secret is. I’ll gladly tell people I don’t eat bread, but I’ll be frank and tell them that might not work for you. The secret is to listen to your body and be kind to yourself. Don’t hide your problems with a fork and spoon. I went to the gym for two solid  years when I lived in Las Vegas and never lost a pound. Life is just like that sometimes. My path is not to be skinny or anything like that, the goal is to be on a road of life-long healthy patterns that I should have learned at a younger age. This post isn’t sponsored, I just wanted to motivate myself to get moving again, and if possible, motivate someone out there waiting for that nudge!