Old and new

We couldn’t wait until Spring over here to clean out our closets. The cleaning started early to ring in the new year. After two weeks of nonstop rain, we came to the sad realization that our overstuffed closets were perfect breeding grounds for dampness that could only be remedied by getting rid of stuff. I have been very sensible this past year about the ‘one in, one out’ thing. BUT, I had issues letting go of other things. I had lots of clothes and shoes I had plans for – they were unwearable (ripped things, broken shoes, and the like) BUT still, I had plans for them. And I had to realize that those plans should be to just let them go.

I had lots of shoes and clothes that no longer fit my lifestyle and personal style. Many years ago when I began this blog, my vintage side of the closet outweighed the new side. I once lived a lifestyle and in a city that allowed me to horde things in this way. Getting rid of them, was a realization that that lifestyle was long gone. A little part of me fears being that person one day that I got rid of that ONE thing. But part of it was understanding that keeping a few things that will stop me from enjoying the whole thing is just not worth it!

Moving on… :) I like several elements of this outfit – mainly that it is a mix of new shoes, a vintage dress, and a new (to me) coat that I took from my sister but is probably a decade old (are the 2000’s vintage yet?). And WOW! Look at all the places my outfit came from.

Item From Made in… BUY
vintage Contempo Casuals dress thrifted India
Gap velvet jacket hand me down Thailand sometimes they pop on ebay
Spanx tights Nordstrom.com Honduras HERE
vintage Bill Blass watch flea market Japan
Sam Edelman Petty boots Shopbop.com China HERE

Thrift Eye, black and white outfit, fashion blogger

Thrift Eye, black and white outfit, fashion blogger

I can’t wish for a new closet, but I can take things into my own hands and make small changes.