Disposable fashion

Just watched this very inspiring documentary streaming on Netflix (& a few other places online) called The True Cost. The consumerism of having a fashion blog and living in a time of non-stop consumption is something I have struggled with. I try to consume as little as possible, reuse & restyle my wardrobe, and be conscious of what I buy. It’s not easy when bloggers who buy, buy, buy are soaring to to the top! But I’m happy staying behind if it means I’m setting a responsible model to be mindful of what you put on. I might just be at a stage of my career where I don’t need to shop second hand – but I’m using it as a means to not shop the high street and replace my old cheapy wardrobe with better quality things!

Watching this documentary is eye opening to a global impact that we can make if we change the way we shop.

It’s not something we can fix immediately – but you can choose to tell brands to not pay the bottom line, to pledge better wages and work environments, pledge sustainability and mindfulness over profits in their pockets. This goes beyond shopping Made in USA – but also promoting ecofashion and true fair trade. Our wardrobes don’t have to be disposable – don’t let the high street brainwash you into thinking so!

See more videos here or watch it streaming on Netflix.