Remix: Swedish Hasbeens

I wish sandal weather was here to stay more often – I own two pairs of sandals now since living in SF. I rarely wear them in the city, but love taking them on vacation (and wearing them on rare sunny days!). They’re not in the best condition any more since having to trudge across a river in them (long story) – I’m hoping to eventually replace them, especially in a fun color! But right now, they’ll do 🙂 Get yours HERE

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Striped casual here, helping my mom look for her Mother of the Bride dress for my sisters wedding (in the end, she had one custom made instead!)
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At the shore in double denim
Thrift Eye

I don’t wear sandals to work anymore (feet easily get run over at the library by book trucks), but my old library job that was in the office allowed me to wear them when I wanted, like this!
Thrift Eye

Yikes, I don’t think I’d wear this outfit or anything like it again.
Thrift Eye

Sadly, the shoes are the only part of this outfit I still have. After I lost weight, all of this had to go! I’d wear it again if I could…
Thrift Eye

The funny thing about these shoes (besides running small) is that they’re literally the most uncomfortable shoe ever the first time wearing them – they feel exactly what you would imagine walking with a piece of wood tied to your foot feels like. But then your foot learns to adjust to the curve carved in (or maybe the curve adjusts to you?)