Remix: Pink and red, who knew?

I feel so daft typing this, but pink and red work so well together. I realized this after seeing the outfit from the previous post. The problem for me? I don’t own a lot of pink or red, it’s just not a color I’m attracted to buy often (but I love yellows and blues). I sifted through the archives to find other instances of pink and red…it was not easy! Now I’m ready to challenge myself to wear this combination more!

Per usual with these Remix posts, click on the image to see the original post!

I love this sweater and want to wear it more!
Thrift Eye, pink and red outfit, jcrew heart sweater

I’ve never understood what this dress was supposed to be, but loved it nonetheless. It is funky and I love the red contrast with the pink waistband.
Thrift Eye, pink and red outfit, fornarina dress

I still consider this a brave outfit! Not that many people can get away with this much red, I’m not sure I have the guts to wear this again myself! I need to lower the hem on that skirt and I might wear it again. (I wouldn’t mind getting my super long hair back too!)
Thrift Eye, pink and red outfit, ysl tee, red marc jacobs skirt

I challenge you to wear this fun combination! :)