A bit more formal

I have a lot of dresses, I LOVE dresses. But you all knew that already, right? :) I work in an environment that is very fashionably forgiving, but because I get the freedom to dress professionally, when I have moments I have to be in charge or have meetings, I want to look a certain way (aka I just want to wear a nice dress!)

But then I feel TOO formal, like I’m running for office! There’s no happy medium some times, I guess it’s just how it looks. I’m torn because I enjoy this outfit! Next time I’ll have to accessorize it more casually (including not so formal hair!)

Item From Made in… BUY
Shoshanna dress thrifted USA auction just ended HERE
Matiko wedges thrifted to be updated
Bill Blass vintage watch Ebay.com Japan

Thrift Eye, shoshanna dress, matiko wedges, style blogger

Thrift Eye, shoshanna dress, matiko wedges, style blogger

I should just forget about it all and not worry about how formal or informal I look huh! This dress is beautiful and fun – just noticed with a quick Google search that blogging guru Blair owns the same dress! :)