2015 moments

Oh dear, 2015 went by too quickly, but not quickly enough! This also means I’m rapidly approaching 10 years of blogging (!!!!!) When I graduated from college with my Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and asked myself “Now what?!” in regards to the writing part…I guess you can say I have been writing creatively for almost ten years then :)

And I’ll always be grateful that this blog let me explore and learn more about what goes into making clothing in the USA and shopping sustainably. 2015 was also big in travel for me – as I was able to tick 3 destinations¬†from my travel list – Tokyo, Oahu, and Portland/Seattle

But here are 12 outfits that were my monthly favorites! I’ll consider this a remix post, and per usual, click on the image to see the original post!

I don’t remember how I wasn’t freezing here :)
Thrift Eye

The highlight of this outfit was the man who yelled at me from the street “You look like the 40’s!”
Thrift Eye

Still love wearing my Orla Kiely dress
Thrift Eye

I’ve found the perfect dress for work!
Thrift Eye

An old favorite dress of mine I took with me to Tokyo!
Thrift Eye

I’m so happy I thrifted this sweater, I wear it almost every other day
Thrift Eye

Still loving this striking blue swing coat, I have to find more ways to wear it now
Thrift Eye

Still wearing this dress my mom made me, years later
Thrift Eye

I need to find more reasons to wear this dress!
Thrift Eye

My pretty dress! Gosh this roundup is motivating me to wear my dresses more, even in this cold weather.
Thrift Eye

The unseasonably warm weather late in the year let us get away with some more summery outfits way too late.
Thrift Eye

My new favorite dress!
Thrift Eye

Here’s to 2016! Cheers!